Add On Private Pilot $4,135

Add On Private Pilot $4,135


Course Length is 4 days

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Our Add-On (ASEL) course is 4 days in duration and intended for the Helicopter/Rotorcraft airman who desires to obtain a Private Pilot’s license on an airplane. Also, intended for those pilots who obtained a Private Multi-Engine certificate first since maybe the candidate had access to a Twin Engine airplane. The training will consist of ground school and flight training daily so as to successfully pass not only the Flight portion but the Oral as well on their check ride, typically occurring on the following day (5th day). Flight training will consist of 6 hours and by end of the check ride will end up logging about 8 hours and ground approximately 8 hours as well. Aircraft to be used will be a Cessna 172 (C-172) during training.

Course credit cost $4,135.00 and cash price $3,995.00

Course length : 4 days

Down payment is 10%: $413.50

10% down payment deposit required for booking the course. Remaining balance to be paid in full on the first day of class via a credit card payment or cash cashier’s check to obtain a discount.


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